Pros and cons of OnlyFans site – Best review and statistics  

Find out why join OnlyFans for promoting your adult content and subscribing to top models erotic vids. Pros and cons of onlyfans site for sex positive singles 

OnlyFans became a source of online income for many hot models and escorts. But can they be sure their data is safe and their guarantees are real? Our experts are researching that matter in depth. 

Onlyfans leak

One of the scandalous news about OnlyFans is leaking of openly erotic materials that happened in 2020. The team has promised it won’t take place again, and it wasn’t the result of hacking. 

Instead, a group of people are buying the content and then sharing it elsewhere for free. Their reasons might be, getting more subscribers on other platforms, and discrediting the OnlyFans site. 

Our investigation has shown only a particular kind of content is risking to be stolen. If your content is of one of these categories listed below, watch out and make sure to protect it well. 

Instagram Models 0.6 TB35%
Ebony0.5 TB30%
Big Ass0.3 TB27%
Solo 0.1 TB 8%

These results aren’t surprising, experts say. Instagram models are already-popular personals highly demanded by the public, so there are many enthusiastic fans willing to distribute their private photos. 

While ebony escorts are constantly in fashion, even more since 2017 when Nyakim Gatwech model career has skyrocketed. The darkest skin content can be stolen if not to double protect it. 

The BBW models have always been loved by a big group of people and they’re a part of Latina lovers. While Solo content feels more intimate and alluring to some male users with a jealousy issue. 

Bella thorne onlyfans 

Bad girl Bella Thorne managed to drive her less fortunate competitors crazy, even including the OnlyFans creators. With her top popularity, she easily made 2 million on the app in just 2 weeks. 

The criticizers are forgetting to see positive sides in that though. Her example is teaching how to make money on OnlyFans without selling nudes. Here is what excited fans mostly order from her. 

Beautiful Bella Thorne OnlyFans
Bella Thorne
  • Tongue teasing. Why would anyone order it? It’s wet, provocative, and especially desired from snowy queens or dominant women who do not seem very accessible
  • Lingerie. Isn’t there enough lingerie photos over the Internet? Yet, it’s turning on to see public persons wearing it, especially if they’re all-dressed in their social life. 
  • Booty. Celebs and Insta models are spending so much time training their buttocks in a gym. Others mostly see it covered, while the fruit of labour should be proudly shown. 
  • Showering. Nuru massage wouldn’t be so popular if it didn’t include the sexy foam all over the body. It’s one of the reason why subscribers want to see us showering. 
  • Twerking. What can be more playful from a strict nerd than sudden twerking. The more you play hard to get, the more exciting your twerking performance look.

So, basically, Bella Thorne on OnlyFans has promoted tricky strategies to earn more and get profit in the least vulgar way. Earn with your nudes or… just with your spicy behavior. 

Onlyfans app 

Everyone seems to be waiting for OnlyFans app. The owner says, the secret is that there’s no app. OnlyFans works well in all versions, desktop and mobile, it is well adapted and comfy. 

“I had no problems using OnlyFans on my iPhone”, Jessica from LA says. “I guess, most amateur escorts and models have started their career from iPhone vids and then progressed further. 

IOS Android OnlyFans app
OnlyFans app

For now, I have the latest MacBook 16” and extra equipment. But I’m still using my iPhone from time to time just to check for new subscribers and their reactions, so it’s very convenient as it is”. 

“We all got used to phone applications but OnlyFans works great without any”, Tina from NYC admits. “This way, it is updated as often as developers need, without bothering the end users. 

I can do everything from my iPhone, post 1 video at a time, add the text to it, or post up to 20 photos at a time. It’s the most user-friendly site I have ever dealt with, and there are no big cons”. 

Onlyfans hack

Once OnlyFans has reached the peak of its popularity worldwide, a phenomenon has appeared called the OnlyFans hack. It has a social nature and cannot be reduced for now, experts say. 

It is rooted in fans’ natural wish to share their joy and trophies with like-minded buddies online. With this, so-called, noble intention they purchase the celebs’ private content and give it out for free. 

The real purpose however is to get more followers, and the whole thing is causing celebs’ strong rejection. These are main sources where the hacked content is severely promoted. 

Youtube 500+ channels 
Telegram 800+ channels 
Instagram 600+ accounts 

The smaller quantity of this category users on Youtube and Insta is explained by the fact they are partially censored. When celebs’ complaints are sent, suspicious channels are being deleted. 

While Telegram is the least censored and reportedly, filled with the content that is doubtful or even forbidden. It is advised to follow original OnlyFans accounts, instead of fraudulent groups and channels. 

Onlyfans girls 

Since the number of OnlyFans users has increased rapidly in the very first month of quarantine, the competition is now enormous. Yet, there are some main categories to choose from.

  • Best Porn Stars. This top popular category has subdivisions, Interactive Pornstars, Generous Pornstars who do charity or share free content, and Pornstar Experience. 
  • Asian Performers. Lots of webcam models and ladyboys are Asian. There is a rating of them, and best ones charge a bit higher. Select your Asian OnlyFans girl. 
  • Best Low-Cost. Models beginners charge the lowest, those are mostly students and legal teens. Thanks to their youth and hotness, they soon go up so catch the moment. 
  • Best Dirty Chatting. Many of these OnlyFans girls do not sell nudity at all. Instead, they use their vivid imagination and a frienly attitude to satisfy their subscribers. 
  • Best Orgy/Threesome. It’s a tendency already to perform in a small group or in a female duo. It brings much more views and certainly more mutual pleasure, too. 
  • Send Dick Picks. Who said OnlyFans is for girls models only? Male performers are highly welcomed among cougar and bi-curious followers. There are best ones, too
Famous persons from OnlyFans
OnlyFans popular girls

Regardless of which category you join or follow, OnlyFans is most diverse. It responds to all possible kinks and tastes, which differs it from multiple analogue sites and adult apps. 

What is onlyfans 

OnlyFans has been created as a social network for celebs and Instagram models for sharing their private content with fans. However, it quickly became a source of extra income in 2020. 

Today, it’s a growing media giant that unites singles, couples, threesomes, and professional escorts worldwide. Only a few models manage to earn much, but users seem to enjoy it a lot. 

“My followers call me a motherless porn star”, Ann from Russia confesses. “It’s because my parents went abroad to work and I remained alone at my 17. OnlyFans became a solution to me. 

OnlyFans logo
What is OnlyFans

It’s now a full-time job although I have hobbies too. I don’t care about anonymity as most of my friends know anyway. I love all folks who subscribed and helped me survive and feel wanted”. 

“I used to be a general manager but our business collapsed due to pandemia”, Liz from Chicago shares. “I am now a popular cougar model and online dominatrix on OnlyFans. 

It’s cool and easy to do if you’re willing to learn new things and be empathetic towards people. They compliment you, they order a special content, it keeps you busy but makes you happy”. 

How does onlyfans work

If you aren’t registered yet, you can only see the basic profile of each member, with the main photo, wallpaper, and welcoming post. The rest of content is seen after you pay and subscribe. 

Subscription Packs 

30 days TrialFree
Minimum Pack$4.99
Minimum 2$9.99
Max Pack$29.99
Max 2$50.00

The variety of subscription packs on OnlyFans is literally endless. Starting from a few bucks, it goes up to $50 which only rare celebs like Blac Chyna and Casanova charge. Mind the discounts too. 

They are possible within the bundle options such as 3, 6, or 12 months sucription paid at once. Some celebs and Instagram models offer the best bundle pricing, very budget friendly. 

How to find people on onlyfans 

It’s natural one wants to follow famous folks only. In a way, it’s Instagram analogue with our favorite stars with the significant difference, they get naked and naughty from time to time. 

  • Type in the search bar. Some public people use their scenic names and others real names, so you can go for both options to check them out. It often works fine. 
  • Use the filter option. If the name is too frequent, like Emma Johnson, filter by city and age. Keep in mind they might use a neutral photo not to be recognized. 
  • Use OnlyFinder. This and other third-side sites are helping to find more or less famous people on OnlyFans. It’s a good search tool, even for non-popular folks. 
  • OnlyFans slash Username. It’s exactly the special link to use as the profile url. If you have a few guesses on which username a person is using, type it there and find out. 
  • Location plus distance. There’s a fun way to find your hot neighbors or OnlyFans creators in a particular club you are at. Type your location and 0,5 km in a search bar. 
OnlyFans profile finder
How to find people on OnlyFans

Sometimes, all these solutions are unneccessary since the site provides enough alternatives even without extra attempts. While public ppl share their profile links in other social networks. 

How to get onlyfans for free

The best way to get OnlyFans for free is to have a 30 day trial. After that, unfortunately, using it is not possible without a payment. Some celebs are sharing a few free vids or photos to promote. 

Numerous blogs and vlogs on the Internet are promising the free hacked content from OnlyFans. You should understand it’s just for getting more subscribers and there’s no real thing. 

“I am a big fun of Amber Rose and I desperately wanted to get all her content without the ability to pay”, Jasper from NYC confesses. “I followed like a dozen or two of bloggers who promised that. 

At the end, I found out it was just a trap. It’s illegal to share smb’s private content from OnlyFans and any blogger would be banned if he did. So, do not waste your time and better subscribe”. 

Is onlyfans safe 

OnlyFans claims to be the safest platform with adult content, ever. As a proof, they say none content has been stolen by technical means since 2016, the issue was just re-sharing the purchased materials. 

Another proof is that users’ bank cards aren’t added directly to the platform. Instead, the third-side site is used for transferring the money. So, there’s no fraud with the bank accounts. 

The most significant factor that measures the users’ trust, however, is the existing statistics. 

2021/2022 Stat

Number of Creators1M+
Number of Watchers50M+
Monthly Visits400M+
Popularity in US, No. 97
Traffic from Insta17.73%
Trafic from other SM22.8%

This data is already impressive enough to consider OnlyFans a rather popular and trustful adult site on the world scene. But not sufficient enough to call it the safest or the most leading one. 

Along with that, it isn’t a beginner as it has been launched in 2016, and had 1 year of pandemia to gather a bigger number of creators worldwide. So, its safety level is no higher than average.